How the online practice exam database works




Pay for a full access account


Activate a full access account


Access to the complete database of practice exams

This website provides paid and free access to the online database of practice exams of various levels. On the site, you can explore a large number of questions, answers, and comments from real certification exams. There are two options for using the sample database:

  • Paid full access to all practical questions and exams in the database
  • Free access to a smaller list of sample tests and exams

Paid access to all practice exams in the database

After completing registration and payment, a proposal will appear to activate full access to the database of practical exams in the User’s Account. An e-mail will also be sent to the user with the same information.

Full access can be activated at any time. Complete online access to the exams database can’t be paused and then resumed. Full access is valid from the moment of activation through the number of days for which the user has paid.


  • If you have not registered on the website but made a payment, then an e-mail with a temporary authorization password for the site will be sent to the e-mail specified when paying. In the future, it is best if you change the password.
  • Payment can be made through PayPro Global or PayPal payment services from the page
  • The PayPro Global payment service is convenient when paying with plastic cards and most well-known electronic payment systems around the world (go to
  • You can activate full access only in your User’s Account at any convenient time

Access time calculation for multiple activations

If the user has activated several purchases, then the number of days of full access is summed up successively. For example, the user has activated access on June first for 30 days, i.e., until June thirtieth inclusive. If during the period of full access (from June first to the 30th), the user activates another purchase for 30 days, then; as a result, the user will receive access for 60 days (30 days + 30 days) from June first until July thirtieth inclusive.

Free access to a smaller free sample exam database

Any site visitor is given free access to a smaller database of questions and answers from practical exams of varying complexity. The user doesn’t need to register on the website or log in to his user’s account.

The number of questions and answers with free access is reduced to 10-20 % of the entire database of practical exams. This volume is enough to familiarize yourself with the principles of the system.

To get free access to a limited database of practical tests, you just need to click on the link Free DEMO Sampler on any page of the website, next select a vendor, and then choose a practice exam from the list on the right side.

The work of the free version of the sample database entirely coincides with the work of the paid version. The differences are only in the number of questions and answers that are available to the user.

The smaller free version is a DEMO version of the full database of practical tests offered for review before purchasing full access.

Refund Policy

Funds can be returned in full only while waiting for full access to be activated, i.e., if the user has not activated the purchased full access. At this point, a user can contact the technical support service by filling out the form here: and receive a refund.

After activating full access to the base of practical exams, a refund or partial refund is not possible.

We do not accept any objective or subjective reasons for refund after full access is activated.

A partial refund for any unused full access period is not provided.