Academic IELTS Practice Test

How to Pass the Academic IELTS Test for Higher Education or Professional Registration

It is best to study practice exams or books from Cambridge University Press to pass the Academic IELTS test with a high score. For example, the Cambridge IELTS 1-9. However, practice tests of Academic IELTS on this website are more accessible, more profitable, and give better results.


How to Pass the Academic IELTS Test

To pass the Academic IELTS test with a high score, you need to not only the language but also practice on real questions and answers from actual exams. Many users leave us information about actual exams. Practicing with real questions and answers helps you get a higher score when passing the Academic IELTS exam.

Steps for passing Academic IELTS with a high score:

Examine all IELTS practice tests from our database

Get the highest score on the Academic IELTS real certification exam

IELTS Academic Practice Test with Answers

Each Academic IELTS practice test consists of several large sections with questions and answers:

  • IELTS Academic Listening practice test with answers
  • IELTS Academic Reading practice test with answers
  • IELTS Academic Writing practice test with answers
  • IELTS Academic Speaking practice test with answers

All sections contain questions and correct answers for the IELTS Academic Listening Practice Test, the IELTS Reading Practice Test for Academics, the IELTS Academic Writing Practice Test, and the IELTS Academic Speaking Practice Test. In addition, users can leave their comments, which will improve the content of the website.

IELTS Academic Vocabulary List

What is an academic word? Important point: there are many words in Academic IELTS test that are rarely used in everyday life. Nevertheless, different levels of this exam require knowledge of many such words. The academic word list can also be found in our database, which is available for registered users as an academic vocabulary list.

The academic vocabulary list with definitions requires serious study and enrichment of your academic word vocabulary before passing the exam.

What Is the Academic Word List?

The academic word list with definitions is the academic vocabulary word list used in higher education or professional institutions. The academic meaning of the word is also in our dictionary.


It will be very convenient to take the academic test on our website to determine your current level. This test is as close as possible to the genuine IELTS Academic Test. After completing the test, you will see the number of points you scored, analyze your answers, and compare them with the correct ones.

Practical IELTS Academic Tests are available online on all devices (computer, tablet, or phone) and all operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS). IELTS Academic Online Practice Tests allow you to evaluate in absentia your degree of preparation for exams by taking the free IELTS Certification Test exam without going to the certification center.

All exams and exam blocks are available online only:

Free Online IELTS Listening practice test for Academic

Free Online IELTS Reading practice test for Academic

Free Online IELTS Writing practice test for Academic

Free Online IELTS Speaking practice test for Academic

For the IELTS Academic Writing section, the answers provide examples and essay variations that best suit the answer. All examples in IELTS Academic writing samples are available only for registered users.

  • Users can get a FREE COMPLETE ACCESS to the IELTS Academic Practice Test if they provide the community with at least one unique question from the actual IELTS Academic exam. Just fill in the form here:
  • Users can leave comments on any question or answer in a section of practical exams. To add comments, you need to register. Comments are moderated, and this improves the quality of our database of practice tests.
  • Any unregistered user can get complimentary access to the Free IELTS Academic Practice Test. The difference between a free and a paid test is that a smaller amount of questions and answers are contained in the complimentary test, and there is a limited number of available tests.
  • IELTS Academic Vocabulary Lists are available only for registered users.
  • A free IELTS Academic Practice Test is offered with a full text of questions and answers with explanations if necessary.
  • IELTS Academic Listening Practice Tests with answers and audio require a computer device (PC, laptop, tablet, or phone) with dynamics and also require permission from the browser to use audio playback devices.
  • All the IELTS Academic practice material from our database is available only online. We don’t have any instructional videos, PDFs, online courses, books, audio materials, video courses, or IELTS Academic books.
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