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The fastest and most effective way to prepare for the TOEFL exam is to study practice tests based on questions and answers from actual exams. This method will allow you to pass the actual TOEFL Certification Exam on the official website spending the minimum amount of time.


Steps for passing the TOEFL Exam:

Register online at

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Explore the maximum number of questions and answers from real exams

Pass the real TOEFL Exam on the official website

TOEFL Practice Test Online Free is the most complete set of questions and answers from actual exams. These questions were collected from all available sources or provided by users who had already passed the exam. For instance, after passing the actual exam, users share the real questions and the possible answers that they encountered during the test.

For all modules (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking), we collected and processed the maximum number of unique questions and answers offered in TOEFL exams. Just one month of studying the TOEFL practice tests will ensure you pass the certification on the first try.

We offer real practice questions from the TOEFL certification exam.
All practice test questions are provided with the correct answers.

The exam organically includes several modules:

Listening – In this section, you listen to dialogue. Then you receive questions and their subsequent answers.

The best-suited module to prepare for the TOEFL Listening Exam is:

  • Online TOEFL Listening Practice Test with Answers
  • Online TOEFL Listening Practice Test Free with Answers

Reading – In this section of the exam, the text is read then questions answered, according to the text.

The best-suited module to prepare for the TOEFL Reading Module (TOEFL Reading) is:

  • Online TOEFL Reading Practice Test with Answers
  • TOEFL Reading Practice Test with Answers

Writing – In this section of the exam, a short essay is written on a specified topic. It is required to write critical material according to the reading comprehension and/or listening recordings.

The best-suited module to prepare for the TOEFL Writing Module is:

  • Online TOEFL Writing Practice Test with Answers
  • TOEFL Writing Practice Test with Answers

Speaking – In this section of the exam, spoken language is tested. You must answer questions of varying complexity or express your opinion about the situation and competently support your answer.

The best-suited module to prepare for the TOEFL Speaking Section is:

  • Online TOEFL Speaking Practice Questions with Answers
  • TOEFL Speaking Practice Tests Free Online with Answers

Realistic TOEFL Practice Tests

Benefits of practice tests:

  • Practice tests familiarize the examiner with the materials from the real TOEFL Exam as accurately as possible.
  • Practice tests allow you to independently prepare for passing the real TOEFL exam in a minimum amount of time.
    • Unlike online or offline English courses, video courses, practice manuals, and self-study materials, information from real exams are provided here in the most convenient and understandably.
  • Practice tests save a lot of time in preparation for the real TOEFL exam.
  • Specific and uncommon words from the tests are placed in a separate TOEFL vocabulary section for easy memorization.

TOEFL Practice Exam

Are you ready to pass the TOEFL? Test your strengths with the TOEFL practice exam. It is convenient to use the TOEFL IBT real exam simulator to check the current level of preparation. The simulator allows you to evaluate your current level of preparation for the exam.

The simulator will allow you to answer the question of whether you can do the real exam or not

A complete set of TOEFL questions with timekeeping is as close as possible to the TOEFL certification exam. After passing the TOEFL practice test, the user will check his answers with the correct answers. A trial test allows you to identify the weaknesses of students and adjust the learning process.

TOEFL Practice Tests Online

TOEFL practice tests are available:

from any device:
phone, tablet, computer or TV

with all operating systems:
Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, iOS, and others


Many people who are fluent in English are sure that they will pass the TOEFL easily. However, reality proves the fallacy of such judgments. Although the TOEFL exam is not very difficult, it has many nuances that you should be aware of before actually passing the exam. Otherwise, you will waste several hundred US dollars.

Practice, practice, and practice again on real questions and answers. A TOEFL Tutor will help you pass the exam automatically. People who have passed the TOEFL test have previously shared questions from real exams here.

TOEFL Vocabulary Practice

Before taking the real TOEFL exam, it is vital to supplement your vocabulary with specific words that are used in the academic and professional environment. These words are often used in TOEFL exams.

TOEFL practice tests are suitable for preparing for all exam versions:

  • Internet test
    (iBT TOEFL - Internet-Based test)
  • Computer test
    (CBT TOEFL - computer-based test)
  • Paper test
    (PBT TOEFL - paper-based test)
  • Users can get FREE FULL ACCESS to the TOEFL or TOEFL Practice Test Database if they provide the community with at least one unique question from the real IELTS or TOEFL Exam. Just fill out the form here:
  • Users can leave comments on any question and answer in the TOEFL Practice Exam Database. To add comments, you need to register. Comments are moderated, and this improves the quality of our TOEFL Practice Test database.
  • Any unregistered user can get free access to the free TOEFL Practice Test. The difference between the free TOEFL Practice Test online and the paid one is the reduced number of questions and answers in the test and the limited set of available tests.
  • TOEFL Dictionary is available only for registered users.
  • A free TOEFL Practice Test is offered with answers and explanations if necessary.
  • TOEFL Listening Practice Test with answers and audio requires the computer device (PC, laptop, tablet, or phone) to have dynamics. It is also required to provide browser permission to use audio playback devices.
  • All TOEFL practice material from our database is available online only.
  • We do not have training videos or printed materials in the form of PDF files.
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